Bananas, organic (Cavendish) - $6


Bananas, organic (Cavendish) - $6

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Organic Cavendish Bananas, fresh from the organic markets in Sydney.

Choose from $6, $12 or $20 worth of bananas. As a rough guide, $6 worth is 3 - 4 bananas.

Get the freshest fruit and vegetables

Order before 12-noon on Saturday for the freshest food in store on Monday. Order before 12-noon on Wednesday for the freshest food in store on Thursday. All fruit and vegetables at the Co-Op are certified organic and product of Australia, unless otherwise stated.

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Why order by total price, not quantity?

As you are aware, the price of organic fruit and vegetables can vary with the season, the weather and availability. This means the price per kilogram of the vegetables can change day-to-day, week-to-week and season-to-season. To ensure we can provide you with a consistent online shopping experience, we offer a bulk price amount of fruit and vegetables. For example, $4 of bananas. If bananas are $4 per kilo today, we give you 1 kilogram. If the bananas are $3.50 per kilo today, we give you 1.15 kilograms.

If we can’t quite make the dollar amount with whole fruit, we will give you a little more to make sure your order is filled. If we have details to confirm with you, we’ll give you a call to confirm.