We first opened our doors in 1996. Keelah Lam, along with a group of like-minded community members, were the driving force behind the Manly Food Co-Operative. The group obtained a grant from Manly Council, started a newsletter and the Co-Op was born.

For around 18 years the Co-Op provided the Manly community with organic, bulk, waste-free shopping as an alternative to mainstream supermarkets from a retail shop space at 21b Whistler St, Manly. As you can imagine, during this time hundreds (maybe thousands) of people have been involved as members and as volunteers, contributing to the ongoing operations of this business.

These people all believe in the importance of eating for your own health, consuming with the health of the planet in mind and in being part of the local community. For this reason, despite the many triumphs, and challenges faced along the way, the Manly Food Co-Op still exists today as a thriving business and communitI

In early 2015 over 300 members helped to relocate our Manly Food Co-Op to an awesome new location at 15A Whistler St, Manly (yes, we moved a few doors up the road). Members and friends contributed with their time, their money and their skills. As you’ll see when you visit the store, our shop is rather excellent. Clean, bright and easy to navigate, it really is the best place in Manly to find fresh, organic, packaging-free and environmentally sensitive products.


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How our Co-Op works



Members enjoy 10% off all products.

Anyone can shop at the Manly Food Co-Operative, however, as a Co-Operative, our members benefit from a 10% discount on all products.

Volunteers enjoy 20% off all products.

Members who contribute their time and skill are entitled, via a system of “Energy Points” to a further discount. Each hour of work entitles a member to 1 Energy Point.

Volunteering really is worth it! The Co-Op’s sustainability depends on volunteers. There’s a really broad range of jobs to be done from helping to run the store, to managing social media, washing hand towels and ordering stock. Find out more about volunteering at the MFC.

Being a Co-Operative means that we are owned and run jointly by our members, who share in the benefits of the business. You can view our latest strategic plan, make suggestions, read the latest Board Meeting Minutes and review our Rules.

We have a volunteer Board of Directors who lead the longer term management of the Co-Op. Find out more about the Manly Food Co-Op Board.

Become a member or renew your existing membership.



Reasons to shop with us



1. To find organic, biodynamic, and chemical-free produce (our focus).

2 To support local farmers, producers and creators.

3 To become part of a fantastic community-owned business.

4 To avoid unnecessary packaging and reduce your negative impact on the environment.

5 To save money. (By volunteering you can save 35% off your bill. Find out more about volunteering at the Manly Food Co-Op here).

6 To meet like-minded people who care about their health and the health of the planet.

7 To help fund the future of the Co-Op. (Any profits are put back into the store).



Mon – Sun: 1p


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Mon – Sun: 3p


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Mon – Sun: 7p


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